Wholesale Sarms Series Product Adrafinil powder for muscle gain


Wholesale Sarms Series Product Adrafinil powder for muscle gain

Wholesale Sarms Series Product Adrafinil powder for muscle gain

CAS Number 63547-13-7
Appearance Powder
Chemical Names ADRAFINIL; Olmifon; 63547-13-7; CRL 40028;
2-[(Diphenylmethyl)sulfinyl]acetohydroxamic acid; 2-(Benzhydrylsulfinyl)acetohydroxamic acid;
Molecular Formula C15H15NO3S
Molecular Weight 289.3495 g/mol

Side Effects:
Adrafinil can have several side effects if too high a dose is taken,
if the drug is taken too consistently, and/or if not enough food/water
and sleep are consumed whilst using the drug.

Insomina-To prevent, take earlier in the day
Cotton Mouth-Adrafinil is a stimulant, and therefore you’re dehydrated.
Be sure to drink plenty of water.

Loss of Appetite/Potential Weight-Loss-Again, this is rare and doesn’t happen
often. But if too high of doses are taken, or you don’t remember to eat
when taking this drug (as something of a stimulant, it can curb appetite) this can occur.

Final Thoughts on Adrafinil and its Uses:

Adrafinil is a potent nootropic drug with few side effects, and is used by
tens of thousands of hard-working individuals worldwide looking for a
chemical kick-in the pants to jump-start their career or business.

Adrafinil Dosage:
Pure Nootropics’ Adrafinil provides 300 mg per 1 capsule.
Bulk powder options are available in 15 gram and 30 gram quantities.
Pure Nootropics’ Adrafinil powder provides 300 mg per (4) level 0.15 cc scoops
(provided with purchase). *Due to variations in powder density, scoop
measurements may fluctuate. We suggest purchasing a scale for measuring accurately.
A scale allows users to better track progress and response to each dose. Scales are
available for purchase through Pure Nootropics.

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