Angular Contact Ball Bearings


Product name:Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Item:QJ208, QJ306M, QJ334M


Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Angular contact ball bearings are particularly suitable for carrying combined (axial and radial) loads. Sometimes, they also can carry pure axial load and operate in higher speed. Under radial load, axial component force will be produced which must be counteracted.

So the bearings are normally adjust against a second bearing.
The axial load carrying capacity of angular contact ball bearings increases with increasing contact angle. The contact angle α is defined as the angle between the line joining the points of contact of the ball and the raceways in the radial plane, along which the load is transmitted from one raceway to another, and a line perpendicular to the bearing axis.
Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings
Four-Point Contact Ball Bearings
Matched Angular Contact Ball Bearings
Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing
Double Row Angular Contact Ball Mast Guide Bearings
3)Application Fields: Mainly be used for Motor, machine tools, oil, rolling mill handling various types of machinery and transportation machinery industry.

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